April 7

Media: Another Braves loss. This shit is getting old. Is this what it’s like to be a Cubs fan? Well fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that!

Music: More working on our songs. I need Mr. Steve Murphy around to be more productive in this part of the process.

Comedy: Naught.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A little Hudson Grille for lunch. We had their amazing pretzel appetizer and then I got a tilapia wrap that tastes like the ground. Literally, like the Earth’s earth. I got a replacement chicken and mozzarella sandwich that treated me right. I then had a goddamned tortellini leftover for dinner. A little coffee, a little soda, and a dash of amaretto. That’s it. A boring food day.

Family: Kind of a lean family day, though Rocco did wake up in the middle of night coughing the daylights out of himself. So, I got to see him then. Sofia talked my ear off as she’d had a chance to go to the mystical creatures exhibit at Fernbank and was in a thrall.

Friends: The office crew (Renn, Andrea, & Lauren) joined me for lunch. Other than than, none. A foul bit of a mix-up plagued my softball for the night and I may be done with the Thursday team. A lot changes when you’ve been playing and coaching for twenty years. You see when things need to be handled better. My coach on that team will figure it out sometime, but not with me around.

Work: I spent way too much time helping organizing a Hanna screening, emailing folks, and making arrangements only to have a huge amount of people back out at the last second. Of course, to make matters worse, the ones who DIDN’T make the cut got up in arms. Ugh. Punt this day.

Art: Andrea worked on puppet show art.

Goodies: No gifts for a man.

Screenwriting: No, because my career is overrated. I should just give up. Kidding.

Projects: No progress on shit.

Minutia: I’m thrilled to be a circumcised man.

Activity: Worked on the excrement ball to get my exorcisms going.

Ailments: I had a headache and a ruined foot, but that’s still better than being some other dude.

Shrink’s Chair: I am noticing more and more ladies flaunting their muffin tops/love handles. Do people find that attractive?

Asshole(s) of the Day: Whoever the fucker is who put me on the mailing list about dumb Christian shit like The Dove Awards. Don’t they know I hate what they’re selling?

True Trivia: I play the same 4 numbers in Keno whenever I play. 3, 13, 69, 79 and 4, 33, 42, 57. Judging by my lack of a mansion, I’m doing something wrong.

Link of the Day: The Equilibrium Fansite! I am blown away this is still going. Way to go JenGe!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Haircut. Prohibition.

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