I don’t want to hate the remake of Fright Night. I don’t want to.

  • Even though the idea of incorporating a Criss Angel-style ‘magician’ into the story in lieu of an old school horror host.
  • Even though Christopher Mintz-Plasse is super wrong for the role of Evil Ed.
  • Even though the time is wholly wrong for another vampire flick, especially in the wake of the extreme grace of Let the Right One In/Let Me In, which ought to be the definitive “vamp next door” flick until mid-decade.
  • Even though Anton Yelchin as a lead fires missiles of doubt into my person.

I don’t want to hate it. I actually like the idea of Colin Farrell playing Chris Sarandon’s role in the remake. There’s also a good bit of pedigree here, what with Toni Collette lending her face to the film and a capable director (Lars and the Real Girl’s Craig Gillespie) in charge.

AOL/Moviefone/Cinematical/I Have No Idea debuted three stills from the movie the other day and they do nothing to make me feel any happier. Especially the shot to the right.

I just don’t think Mintz-Plasse has it. Especially in the wake of Stephen Geoffrey’s film-defining performance in the original. I just hope he doesn’t blow his wad here and be forced to blow his wad in gay porn like Mr. Geoffreys.

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