csaEven with the timely death of Don Adams, the Get Smart movie is moving ahead. Steve Carell was recently on some talk radio show and spent a little time bullshitting about it, saying that they’re looking into casting Agent 99, the female sidekick from the series, right now.

The new film will have a much younger 99 (hello, demographics-oriented casting!), and Carell has recently met with Smallville’s Kristen Kreuk about playing the role.

Barbara Feldon, who played 99 in the original series, was one of the most important aspects of my adolescence. I think that she fulfilled the role Emma Peel did for other people of my nerdy generation. I am not overly fond of Kreuk playing the role because I think 99 has to be brainy – she’s the smarts in the operation, after all – and I just don’t see Kreuk as being all that bright. Then again, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Smallville and maybe she’s supposed to be a dullard there.

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