I apologize for getting to this so damn late — the funny thing happens when you don’t eat or drink enough in the span of a few days. You hallucinate, and see headlines that aren’t there. (No joke.)

Tom Hardy’s got a little MMA flick coming out in September called Warrior, and the trailer hit the Internet yesterday in a splashy fashion.    Directed by Gavin O’Connor, it’s a little familial tale about MMA fighters who have issues, but eventually work them out in the ring.  Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton also star. In fact, from the look of the trailer, Edgerton is the Micky Ward of the story, but has the misfortune of starring with an actor who is  appearing in The Dark Knight Rises so he might be overshadowed. Darn the luck.

It’s a decent looking film.  Fans of The Fighter (especially those clamoring for a sequel) will probably find it satisfies their craving for brotherly boxing conflict nicely.  Those hoping to create a Batman/Bane mash-up will find the footage useful in other ways.

Enjoy. And sorry it’s late.

[via the super speedy Slashfilm]