.Here’s some news I like to share.

Left Turn, a crime comic book I’ve created with Simon Wright, will be published by Speakeasy Comics in the coming months. The first arc, Cone of Violence, sets the stage for the story but is only the beginning as I already have a good idea what the first 70 issues or so will contain and it’s a really epic thing and certainly not what you’d expect from what appears on the surface to be a straightforward concept. People who read the online teaser we ran have an idea of what to expect but the art is much different and the way the story unfolds is a lot more loose and organic. I’m really proud of it and plan to share as much as I can before the first issue hits. Of course, I’d really love to get you folks interested in picking it up when the sucker’s in stores.

It’s also the first project by Kraken Heads, my new think tank/creative team. There are several other comic book properties as well as film ones which will be born under this moniker, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Here’s the press release the publisher put out last Friday:


October 6, 2005
-– Speakeasy Comics, the new premier publishing
house for all graphic literature, announced a deal with Nick Nunziata the
creator of famous movie website CHUD.com and the producer of the upcoming
film from New Line Cinema, MEG to produce Left Turn — a cinematic
crime tale

Left Turn tells the story of a city large enough to be wicked but small
enough to remain that way under the ever-present eye of the government and a
handful of men both brave and tormented dealing with the ever darkening effects
of violence.

Joined by artist Simon Wright, a hot new talent from Australia, Left
Turn offers something both striking and new and at home in the style of the
great pulp books and films that inspired them.

Vicious, unpredictable, and uncompromising, Left Turn is an epic and
concussive crime tale where no one is safe and anything can happen.

Formed in 2004 by Adam
Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their
projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.

So there you have it. Now people will have yet another thing to either be proud of CHUD.com’s growth or to bash me about. I welcome either.

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