Just the other day we brought you that beautiful high res image of King Kong sitting on the Empire State Building with Ann Darrow in hand, the sun setting over the Hudson River. It was a really wonderful moment of the calm before the storm, and there was some confusion that it was the teaser poster for the upcoming film. It wasn’t, it was just a piece of promo art.

But I wish it was. The image above is the biggest version I could find of the new UK Quad poster (I love Quads, by the way. I have a Shaun of the Dead Quad hanging over my TV in the living room. The way that the poster’s proportions mimic a movie screen is wonderful, and I think the eye prefers landscape style). It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that the promo image was so damn wonderful.

The imagery on the Quad will apparently be on the US poster as well. It looks like the long silence this year is about to be broken. I like the way Universal has handled this picture so far – they could have inundated us with ads and imagery already, but they’ve been playing it close to the vest, more or less. Now with just two months to go, they’re going to unleash it all on us, and I for one can’t wait.

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