Hesher is the latest in a long line of “Stranger comes into home, makes family become happy once again” films, a genre that shares such lofty titles as City Island, House GuestVisitor Q.

This time we have one Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the titular shifty squatter, a metalhead who loves pornography and setting things on fire. (I know, redundant.) Paul (Rainn Wilson) is the father of the house, who can’t bring himself to kick the weirdo out since he’s coping with the death of his wife, and his poor son TJ (Devin Brochu) doesn’t have anyone to help him deal with it, either. Until of course the wisdom of metal guides them all. Natalie Portman (also wearing the hat of producer) and Piper Laurie also appear.

The film played SXSW this year to rave reviews, as while the film is apparently quite touching it’s got a bit of a mean streak, a metal streak, if you will. Sounds good to me.

As does this new official trailer, which kicks off with a little Metallica to get you in the mood. Go watch or download it on Apple here, and expect a red-band version to hit sometime next week.