April 6

Media: Another Braves loss. Another with great defense. Another with a great play at the plate. Another they should have won.

Music: More working on our songs.

Comedy: Naught.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: The Flying Biscuit for breakfast. Always a delight. Dinner was pasta at Jeffreys. Had plenty of coffee and a nice glass of Knob Creek.

Family: I had the small man all day, so we ventured out and visited the relatives. Rocco was a delightful little man, and at Target we had a blast playing little games as we patrolled the store. Then he filled his diaper with a shit tsunami. I deposited him at the wife’s gig and went to get the girl. Sofia then came to the office for a while, came and rooted for me at my softball game, and was also a lovely little dame.

Friends: Andrea came to the ballgame and kept an eye on the smallest. Played with the X-Factor gentlemen, who are a great bunch.

Work: As much as the kid would allow, including an article on worms and a hatebomb on a shitty review.

Art: I criticized Andrea’s drawing of me.

Goodies: I got the new Tiger Woods for the 360.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: More progress on the script for Paw, my contribution to issue two of Sean Fahey’s Western comic. I think I licked it. Just need some alone time.

Minutia: Ladies tell me that no one is as gross in public restrooms as women, what with their hoverpisses and unwieldy garments causing a ruckus… but I am aghast at what men do, or DON’T DO. Fucking disgusting.

Activity: X-Factor played this evening. I didn’t hit the ball very deep but managed to go 4-5 with an RBI and three runs scored. A very nice shot to right and I also sizzled one right past the pitcher’s ear. Also played impeccable defense, both at 2nd base and in the outfield. I think my throwing arm is getting better. I think shortstop is doable again, especially if I get some reps there.

Ailments: I feel inconsistent and am unable to shake the soreness every few days.

Shrink’s Chair: A lady from the bar pulled up and offered us a hit off her bowl, and then proceeded to show it to us. In public under the lights of a parking lot. First of all, just because I look like this doesn’t mean I have any interest in that shit. Plus, subtlety! You’re going to get yourself busted and while 90% of the people who frequent the bar are no-future fuckflakes… you’d think by age 40 some of these people would learn tact if for nothing else, self preservation.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Fucking drunk played some annoying Avenged Sevenfold on the internet jukebox and then reached behind the counter of the bar and cranked it up. Loud dogshit surprisingly doesn’t improve when made even louder.

True Trivia: In middle school I got addicted to making pillows and stuffed animals in Home Economics. I used to come in after school and make goddamned pillows. It’s a miracle I’m not biting one now, how many pillows I made.

Link of the Day: The GUY.com Forums! If you miss Princess Kate you’re in luck.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Softball. Hardball.

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