Normally, I’d hold off on giving out this information for a couple of days in order to pad the Special Edition‘s own Bargain Bin, but the following is just too damned excellent. Not only can you discover (in case you haven’t already) some fantastic digital treats, is also placing a variety of ghastly ‘horror’ titles on sale for your own ‘can’t stop, must shop’ obsession.

The big one is Oldboy (read Devin’s "this is an instant classic" review right here, before checking out Charlie Brigden’s great soundtrack review here. Who says we don’t cover our bases here at CHUD?). A movie that needs no introduction around these hallowed halls, it’s a brilliant masterwork of layered proportions, a must-see if you’re even the tiniest bit interested in the sort of talent emerging outside of our rocky shores. If you’re uninitiated, a blind-buy is an immediate necessity. Retailing for approximately $24.99, it’s now an orgasm-inducing $8.49 (+ shipping).

Yes, that’s right – $8.49. Buy it here.

It doesn’t stop there, as A Tale of Two Sisters, a very competent scare fest also is nipping at your purchasing heels for
$8.49 (+ shipping). In fact, Dave even said (a long time ago) that the film’s "a steaming bowl of fear soup", something that should excite everyone, including Martin Landau. Couple this film with Oldboy, along with a third title, and you’re looking at a great night at home. Plus you’ll get free super-saver shipping, courtesy of the fine-assed folks at Amazon. There’s probably a second-rate commercial where I flash a thumbs-up on a freeze frame in there, somewhere.

You might think I’m lying to you, but there’s a monstrous amount of other titles on the sale rack as well, and it’s big enough to rival both Dolly Parton and Pandora Peaks. Takashi Miike’s Audition (the Uncut Special Edition) is going for $12.49 (buy it from CHUD here!), which is literally a steal and a reach around for your own collection. Tetsuo – The Iron Man’s Special Edition is $11.99 (buy the film that made me question humanity while weeping, right here). H is $12.49. The original Ju-On (read Russ’ DVD review and admiration here) is $12.49.

That’s just the Asian Horror sale, which you should access immediately right here.

We haven’t even begun to discuss the Psychological Horror and Cult Classics sale (click to buy!), where you can get The Prophecy 3 for $9.99 or even Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return for a cool $8.99, although you might be the only one taking them up on that offer.

Pick up the not-so new American Psycho: Uncut Killer Collector’s Edition for the low-low price of $12.49 and feel not an ounce of guilt, either. Even Frailty (jump in the time machine for SJR’s review! and Mike Long’s DVD review) is going for $6.99, in case you’ve been on the fence about purchasing it. There’s a ton of other titles, too, so make sure to check out that as well.

Click right here for their Contemporary Horror sale.

Finally, there’s the Horror Classics sale. Evil Dead 2‘s old Special Edition is going for $9.99, the Halloween Divimax 25th Anniversary Edition is busting through your walls with its sharp knife for $14.99 plus Sleepaway Camp I, II and III are all off and running at $4.99/each. Keanu Reeves might react accordingly.

In all of this, check out that Horror Classics sale right here.

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So there you have it. A plethora of great titles are on sale, and all cheap enough to not pummel your wallet into oozing the hurt. Consider this a great chance to stock up on gifts for your pagan holidays and they also make great "oops, I didn’t mean to sleep with your mother" gifts. I just gave Bava’s Demons to a friend, and while he was hurt for a moment, it more than made up for the fact I’ll be his stepfather. Terry O’Quinn might be proud. Hopefully you won’t hold my mediocre salesman pitch against me. If you take advantage, you’ll add some good titles to your own collection, plus you’re helping out CHUD! That’s always good, right?

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