April 5

Media: A Braves loss, but one with solid defense and two plays at the plate in one inning. They got outpitched. Bottom line. Your Highness. Fun movie, though not a classic and as consistent as Pineapple Express. It’s a good diversion though. X, an Australian erotic thriller. Review on that soon.

Music: Worked on lyrics for Storm Head, a Killing Swarm song which will be the subject of a music video on the tail end of Monday’s podcast (yes the finished version, bumped to Monday).

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Some noodles for lunch, and a can of tuna. Dantannas for dinner (burgertime). A little whisky for the tastes and a fabulous Graycliff Espresso shaggy smoke.

Family: My oldest cousin Paul was in town to check on Mom. He used to live with us and has always been a favorite and sort of a guy who has shown me that there are many paths in life that are no less awesome. He lives in Asheville and is a really special person. My aunt Roseanne (Paul’s mother) stopped by, so there was nice family time in the middle of the day.

Friends: John, Cesar, Andrew, Andrea, and Renn all came to the screening and a fun time was had. Also got to see a few Chewers I haven’t in a while. Nice time.

Work: Yeah, loads. I am losing my patience over some of the shit I have to do to make all of this stuff continue to exist. I don’t need acceptance or appreciation but NO ONE realizes what this entails.

Art: Storyboarding for an animated little segment for the new pod.

Goodies: Jack Puss.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: More progress on the script for Paw, my contribution to issue two of Sean Fahey’s Western comic. Having an issue with making sure it’s not too familiar.

Minutia: Possibly connected to my tooth comment yesterday, I set up a dentist visit for myself. Cigars + Coffee… gotta stay on top of this shit.

Activity: Weights. A mistake, because…

Ailments: …my knee has been giving me signs it’s about to fuck me up. I don’t want that.

Shrink’s Chair: I think it’s time to cut the hair.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter.

True Trivia: I haven’t puked since July 3, 1991. We ate IHOP on my birthday and were going to see T2. I got sick from the IHOP, puked, and watched Edward Furlong puke as an actor. What a theater experience though. That movie blew my cock off.

Link of the Day: The Dark Tower! One of three seminal games of my youth redone to perfection in Flash.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Childcare. Softball. Work. Braves. Art. Music recording. Self-touch.

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