We at CHUD know that movie fans collect a wide range of goodies, and although some are obsessive about collecting everything, there are others who collect specific items. 

One of those items is movie costumes, and since these are not given out that frequently on the net we are pleased to offer something different. Want to dress like an Oscar winner?  You like tracksuits?  Well, with this contest, CHUD is giving away to one lucky person a legendary actor’s outfit from a movie he was in this past summer.

To your right is the jogging suit that Robert Duvall wore in the Will Ferrell comedy Kicking and Screaming, which will be available on DVD October 11th. One lucky winner will have this suit in their collection (along with a Certificate of Authenticity) and possibly the DVD, but don’t hold us to that part. 

Now, considering this will make a nice additon to someone’s collection, you’re going to have to earn it. One winner will be selected at random (blank submissions will be deleted, since we exterminate those types around here) and all you have to do is answer a couple of questions.

1. Robert Duvall has had a long and prestigious career. What film role best showcases his talent and why?

2. Since Kicking and Screaming is a comedy, dig through the CHUD DVD files and submit your favorite comedy that we have reviewed.

3. If you were a coach for a soccer team what sports figure would you want on the team? (does not have to be a soccer player)