April 4

Media: A Braves win! Hanna. Very good flick. Joe Wright has done a rare thing and made an action thriller that feels fresh and new and his style is amazing. This guy needs to do a horror flick. And Saoirse Ronan is so the real deal. Also watched Deep Gold, an action film made by friends. Unpretentious late-night 80’s style international action flick.

Music: A car full of rock and roll mixes pleased me. After the screening John came by and worked the board as I recorded some guitar solos for a couple of new songs. One of them, No More/Way Too, is going to be a real winner. It’s the first post-Laker III Lucky Nightsticks tune. Also, have a new intro song for the podcast coming.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A Southwestern Chicken Wrap + Newcastle. A little Sweet Tart action at the screening. Carmine’s Garlic & Meatball pizza with John and my very favorite beer on Earth, Ennis & Gunn Rum Cask. Enjoyed a Partagas Black that Mr. Andrew Hawkins was kind enough to bring over the weekend.

Family: Mom and Aunt Ninfa stopped by Jeffrey’s to watch the game a while and catch up with folks.

Friends: Pat and Jeff watched the game and worked as well int he cigar room at Jeffrey’s. It was nice and relaxing… though talk soon went back to the notion of us starting our own shop. I’m on the fence about the idea. If I can drop a few responsibilities from my life, SURE! Josh lives at the place where the Hanna screening was so I called him at the last minute and he watched it. Gray was there too. Afterwards, Johnny Mak time. We split in darts, and then rocked a while as the thunder and lightning kicked ass outside.

Work: Loads of it. Was nice to get paid. Vital, as I am a tapped out man.

Art: Nope, but tomorrow we are drawing something new for the podcast.

Goodies: No goodies.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Worked on the script for Paw, my contribution to issue two of Sean Fahey’s Western comic.

Minutia: I have this thing going where I pay attention to people’s teeth in movies. Some of the very best folks in Hollywood have fucked up teeth.

Activity: Cardio.

Ailments: A little tinge in my elbow. I wonder if it’s one of those things that manifests when the rain comes.

Shrink’s Chair: In a decade or so we’re going to see that the people that DO rather than TALK are the ones with a realistic ratio of Twitter posts per day. So much fucking hot air up there.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Fatass at the Publix who hit me up for change. Obviously not a homeless person. Just a lazy one. Go fall down.

True Trivia: Speaking of 9/11… I remember the stupid joke John and I came up with the other day over drinks. You know how to make kids eat, you’ll do “the airplane” with the spoon to make them eat? An alternative theory that those conspiracy nuts haven’t considered was that some bitch on the 70th floor wouldn’t eat, so someone took “the airplane” to an extreme. So bad. So mean. But as Carlin said, you can still joke about it.

Link of the Day: Raina. The official website of hot Jordan Queen Raina. Fuckablequeen.org must’ve been taken.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Your Highness. Braves.

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