It seems like the Farrelly Bros.’ The Three Stooges is finally getting off the ground. It’s been in the works for years and years now, and there have been some ridiculous actors attached to the project (can you say Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carey?), but it looks like it’s finally coming together.

The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Sean Hayes, best known as the flamboyant best friend of Will in Will & Grace, will be joining the cast as Larry. It’s a weird casting choice since he seems way too pretty to be playing Larry, who was one funny-lookin’ fellow.

Cast as Curly is Will Sasso (MadTV, The Cleveland Show), who seems like he can pull off Curly’s look, at least. We’ll see how good he is at spinning around on the floor. Must have been a fun interview, come to think of it…

Moe remains uncast and yet again Shemp doesn’t even get a mention.

As for the film itself it won’t be a biopic, which is good because it’s been done before (with Michael Chiklis as Curly, no less). No, the film’s going to be divided up into multiple shorts, ostensibly to stay true to the original format.

More on The Three Stooges as we hear it, and when we find out who will be filling Moe’s bowl cut.

Till then, don’t forget that a lot of their films are in public domain, and easily available online. Here’s likely my favorite-