Hope I didn’t get anyone’s hopes up about theĀ  Hobo With a Shotgun spin-off movie that would feature the crowd favorite villains, The Plague. No, while that film is absolutely and truly necessary, what we have here is an unrated (and quite bloody) clip from Hobo. We’ve already seen The Plague by this point but their little visit to their unsuspecting local hospital to find the Hobo is quite the treat. I told you in my review how amazing these characters are but now you can see for yourself.

Not to be outdone, Rutger Hauer has a clip of his own up now, courtesy of Yahoo. At this point the Hobo has seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime, and is about to set forth on his final mission. Who does he talk to? A group of little babies, of course, with a speech that will coldcock you right in the heart. It’s deep, man.

Did you watch Hobo With A Shotgun yet? What are you waiting for? It’s on VOD right now, so don’t bootleg it.