hjkhIn a move coldly calculated to get CHUD.com’s own Kevin
Matchstick to buy a ticket, Scary Movie 4 will now feature none other than
Craig Bierko. The film, which is being made for the brand new Weinstein Co. (I
guess that’s the name they’re sticking with?), has already begun filming under
the direction of David Zucker. Which, if you’re a comedy fan, might actually
make you just a little bit happy. After
all, the guy did direct Airplane! and The Naked Gun. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and
Scary Movie 3.

It was just announced that the film’s opening would feature
Shaq and Dr. Phil in a parody of Saw, which honestly doesn’t need to be made
fun of, just burned. There’s no word on what kind of a role, or how big a role,
the Bierko will be playing. Matchstick will be first in line, no matter what.

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