csaHoly crap!

The trailer for Syriana is here, and the movie, which was one I was very excited about before, has suddenly become my most-anticipated for the rest of the year. Just look at this cast:

George Clooney
Matt Damon
Chris Cooper
Jeffrey Wright
Christopher Plummer
William Hurt
Amanda Peet
That guy from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Tim Blake Nelson (probably playing a complete dickhead, by the looks of it!)

And it’s directed by Stephen Gaghan, the guy who wrote Traffic.

I have heard that this film is dense, is complex, can be confusing as hell. It’s a grown-up movie about real, grown-up issues. It’s the kind of movie that seems to show up every now and again, parting the fog of insipid action films and romcoms.

And that trailer! Click here to watch this thing (choose Quicktime!) and marvel at how fucking excellent this looks.

Earlier today I posted a story about George Clooney redoing Network as a live TV event. This Friday his truly courageous Good Night, and Good Luck opens. And he still has Syriana in the near future? This guy is my new hero.

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