He already froze North America, wrecked a bunch of Manhattan with a legendary radioactive lizard (and said lizard), and exploded a whole bunch of global landmarks with flying saucers.  Now Roland Emmerich is venturing into the past for more stuff to destroy.

The director best known for pitting two cinematic icons against each other (winner: Luc Deveraux) will offer a slice of history with 10,000 B.C., which will sadly not feature someone of Raquel Welch’s supple splendor fighting stop-motion beasts.  Instead, the movie follows a young primitive man and his tribe’s hunt for migrating mammoth. 

The Columbia flick has “tentpole aspirations” but will reportedly not feature any big stars.  The movie faces competition in the field of obscure-period celebrity-free dramas from Apocalypto, the Mayan-language film from dialect fan Mel Gibson, whose ire Emmerich previously raised in The Patriot.

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