Spider-Man: Edge of Time is the latest Spidey game developed by Beenox, the folks behind last year’s Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Activision locked them in as lead developer on the series after that title’s success, which is a good thing but hopefully doesn’t mean that they’re going to be cranking out a new game every year. In Edge of Time you’ll once again play different dimensions of the web-crawler- this time only two, as the modern Spider-man (Peter Parker) and Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara).

The interesting concept of the game is that actions Parker takes in the Spider-Man universe will affect O’Hara in Spider-Man 2099. Take care of the giant robot in that top screenshot and O’Hara will have an easier time in the future. The main plot point revolves around Parker’s untimely death, and the duo will communicate across time telepathically (hey, it’s Marvel) in an attempt to stop it and save their future.

The core gameplay seems the same- same engine, same move set, but the visuals in the 2099 universe look pretty impressive. Check out the reveal trailer below.