cxas“Everything is about to change” is actually a pretty decent tagline for the fourth Harry Potter movie. In fact, maybe it’s a touch on the nose – it almost reads like code for “He’s getting hair down there.”

As the release date for the film nears I find myself getting more and more excited. Mike Newell recently said that he approached this film as a thriller, which, on top of the rest of the stuff he has said about the film, fills me with hope. I have to admit that this was the Potter film that I have most feared, and while I still don’t think it can top the last one, I have slowly begun to have faith.

Anyway, here’s the final (?) one sheet for the film. It’s a little blah to me, although I like the concept of our powerful looking crew of young wizards and witches standing about. The slightly worm’s eye view helps sell that a bunch. They do look tough this time.