So we’re just shy of 3 months away from Pixar’s latest sequel, Cars 2. Even with the shifted tone and scale of the new film, I haven’t detected a great deal of optimism for this follow up to the studio’s most consistently-dismissed film. Larry The Cable Guy might have a lot to do with that, and for good reason. I think the bastard has a show in Atlanta soon or something, because he’s been on the radio way too much lately and even those brief snippets are enough to make me Funny Games your mother.

So it is with great joy that I tell you the hidden clip from Cars 2 that I’ll be guiding you towards is free of even the hint of ‘Mater. In fact, it’s a focused showcase of the kind of Bondian spy-action that seems to fill Cars 2. I don’t think the sound design is entirely done, but it’s still the polished, sophisticated kind of animation filmmaking you expect from the studio. I assume it’s part of the introduction to Finn McMissile, which is the admittedly excellent name of Michael Cain’s character. Getting to this clip takes a little work though…

This all started at WonderCon, where Pixar let out a faux-shitty TV ad via a new twitter stream, @ChromeLeaks. Much like the Toy Story 3 ads that showcased Lotso’s old toy commercials, this is a pretty convincing spot for a local used car dealer, except it has a few Cars gags thrown in at different places. More importantly though, is that the clip includes a hidden link that takes you to an unlisted YouTube video introduced by John Lasseter.

Here’s the ad,

…and the hidden link can be found towards the end of the video if you pause it right as the “tape” distorts. For the lazy, I grabbed that frame. “Cars N’ Deals” also has a working phone number [510-423-0616] that plays a message from the guy in the video. I’m pretty sure a robotic voice spells out the URL there as well, if you want to have a listen.

Cars 2 has a massive, recognizable cast of the kind that Dreamworks usually uses to buttress their crappy movies, but there are some genuinely great names on it… Owen Wilson, Jason Isaacs, Michael Cain, Emily Mortimer, Bruce Cambell, John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub, Joe Mantegna , Bonnie Hunt, Eddie Izzard.

I have a feeling that the apathy for Cars 2 (even among the most Pixar-devoted of geeks) will remain until solid buzz comes down the pipe and indicates whether or not this film transcends the original. I’m not expending any energy desperately crossing my fingers for that to be the case, but I certainly hope it is- one never asks for a shitty Pixar movie after all.

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