April 2

Media: The first Braves loss of the season. Sadness town.

Music: Colossal. We recorded a whole slew of new tunes for The Killing Swarm, did some overdubs, jammed out some fun things with Andrew Hawkins and even Renn sat in on one and became a miniature rock legend. Pretty satisfied with the results, and it’s official: Killing Swarm’s ‘Splinters & Myths’ album has all the music recorded. Now I have to record vocals for about six tunes and master it and a tiny handful of people can enjoy it.

Comedy: A little Gaffigan on the car ride.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: All day. Steve, Andrew, and I enjoyed some Flying Biscuit breakfast and Steve and I immediately began enjoying some treats in the office. Bulleit Bourbon to be precise. Booze was consumed during the day and at night we went to Dantannas and have gourmet phenomenals and sipping delights while taking in smoke. I had a very nice Rocky Patel.

Family: I saw them in fleeting passes by. Sofia came and danced while we jammed out a song.

Friends: Andrew Hawkins shimmied up from Destin. Renn was there to record the video podcast. Justin and Steve were there. Then Micah and John came for music. Then Andrea came for the food and cigar action. A full day and revolving door of great folks.

Work: The podcast was recorded. It was uneven and odd. Tried some new stuff. There’ll be a few “skits” in this one. Justin layed us outwith a Stephen Hawking joke that played on Steve and my flurry of bad taste Hawking comments. It should look and sound pretty good, though the spectre of Sweeney visited again as his loaned (thank you) camera hated us.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: The music was in full effect. If I can get the time ‘Laker III’ and ‘Splinters & Myths’ could be out in May.

Minutia: I’m not great, but playing the drums has become very therapeutic for me.

Activity: Banging around and a day of no rest. I also whupped the living fuck out of everyone in darts.

Ailments: Other than a little stomach madness, nope.

Shrink’s Chair: I think it was apparent, the healing effect that getting together for music has on us. Micah obviously NEEDED it. Steve obviously NEEDED it. John and I live a quarter mile from each other and often convene to play because we need it. I joke about the lack of interest in our stuff but the music truly is its own reward, and when I hear the shit people listen to and think is “music”, I can sleep well knowing we ain’t the problem.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The loudest woman on Earth at the Buckhead Cigar shop last night. It was as if she was trying to make sure Helen Keller could hear her. If you were to ask a parking attendant in Buckhead who the asshole was, he’s point to me. When I asked how much he wanted for parking was and he told me five bucks, I screamed “Never!” in his face and peeled off.

True Trivia: 9/11 floored me when it happened and I have a relative who was in the first bombing of the WTC and who died earlier than he should have after many of his friends and colleagues’ deaths (he retired around 1999) affected him… but you can still joke about it. I giggle like a dick sometimes at these horrible, meanspirited jokes. Can’t help it.

Link of the Day: How to Fix the CHUD Boards? I’m trying to get to the root of what needs to be tweaked. Some dicks in the thread but mostly a healthy, positive discussion.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Baseball. Night out on the town with the wife.

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