casIs movement on a new Indiana Jones film happening? And was it because of all the prunes he ate in the nursing home?

Indiana Jones IV (that stands for how they feed the old bastard now – seriously, I have a million of these and I’m not afraid to use them) has been what Dave Davis calls a vaporfilm – until now. If the story I am about to tell you is true, then the casting has begun for the least-needed sequel since Blues Brothers 2000.

Miss India, Laura Dutta, has supposedly been cast in an unknown speaking role in the film – and she’ll be working for three months.

There are no other details, although it’s being speculated that this is just some of the casting that is going on right now.

What does it all mean, Alfie? As Spielberg struggles to get Munich together in time for its Academy Awards friendly Christmas release date (the big rumor on the junket circuit this weekend was that the film just isn’t cutting together), could he be turning his attention to his next popcorn flick? Does this guy have some fatal illness where he only has another year to live and must fit in as many movies as humanly possible?

If this Dutta business is true (and at the very least it appears that Laura Dutta is pretty convinced), expect plenty more info very soon.

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