The ball is back!UPDATE:  Newly hatched Creature Corner editor Dan Whitehead just chatted up Phantasm director Don Coscarelli for a lengthy interview. 

If you want to learn about the genesis of Phantasm, the future of the franchise, the chances of seeing Bubba Nosferatu or simply the importance of maintaining your Phantasmness, grab your balls and CLICK HERE

Maybe I’m just bitter, but I’ve been looking for something to kill that awesome Japanese Alien head box set for ages. (Translation: since I discovered the set too late to order it.) At long last, the search is over.

Here at CHUD, Nick’s the one who typically loves every bit of DVD packaging he can get, while I’d just as soon ship all the nation’s carboard slip covers to the Ukraine, where they could be made into cars, or condoms.

Unless the packaging is just over the top, which is when I start to drool. This is way over the top. How the Scrimm could I not lose saliva over a shiny replica of the Phantasm ball filled with DVDs?

Along with the shiny plastic, you get anamorphic versions of all four films, two of which (the second and third) aren’t currently available in North America, though there are plans for that to change soon. A fifth disc contains a feature-length documentary and a bunch of other crap that you’ll probably never watch sober.

The kicker? This is a UK set, so the discs are region 2 and PAL formatted. But at a little over fifty bucks (converted) you’ll have cash left over to buy a cheap DVD player from Target to play these and other PAL discs, just like the one I have on my shelf.

Amazon UK doesn’t typically ship to overseas addresses, but according to Phantasm Films, they’ve responded to pressure and will let shady Americans like you and me put down cash for the shiny silver ball from across the pond. If I pay extra, maybe they’ll send it to be delivered by a special delivery guy who’ll have me pluck it out of his gored forehead. I’d pay an extra twenty for that.

Pre-order your own sphere of death here!