csaBreak out, Will Arnett! You can do it!

Arnett, one of the funniest things about the incredibly funny Arrested Development (I had to keep pausing tonight’s episode because of “ANALRAPIST” and Bob Loblaw. I just laughed and laughed and laughed), is slowly making himself a movie career. Or at the very least he’s digging out the foundations of what will be the office building of his movie career. That’s my shittiest metaphor yet.

Arnett has already been involved with AD producers, writers and directors in developing an untitled comedy where he would play a guy who lies to a girl at his high school reunion. Now he’s teaming with Dax Shepard (a guy who I think is funny and will be a real star when he gets the right film) to write and star in Get ‘Em Wet, a comedy about two hot tub salesmen who try to break into the Japanese market and have a culture clash.

That sounds like a fucking horrible movie, but honestly, the pitch was Arnett and Shepard’s, so I am having faith. Paramount is the studio.

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