Today (Wednesday, 1/30) the final issue of one of my favorite comic book series will be released. Y: The Last Man #60 (from co-creators Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra) hits comic shops, marking the culmination of a narrative journey many readers have been taking for five years now.

Admittedly, I jumped on board a little late. The series was 13 or so issues in when I took the plunge on the first two trade paperbacks. But I became immediately hooked… and have been ever since.

The series may have lost a little of its initial punch toward the end, most likely due to Vaughn’s rocket to stardom within the industry that made him even busier (and also the fact that he joined the production of TV’s Lost as a writer and co-producer last year), but if the past 2-3 issues are any indication then the finale should not disappoint. At least I hope not.

And, yes, a film adaptation is already in the works, with Shai LeBouf the latest name mentioned for the lead role of Yorick Brown (five years ago I would have pegged Ryan Reynolds as perfect for the part). But if you’re a fan of comics (or even just good character-driven writing in general — with that “How in the world is this going to end?” arc) and have yet to partake in this series I highly recommend it. As of today, the first 54 issues are available in nine trade paperback volumes (with the 10th and final one due this Spring/Summer).

There are better books out there, yes. But there is also a whole lot worse you can do with your time than spending it by taking an engaging journey as rare and special as this one has been.