cdsWhat’s this monkey so curious about, huh? And what’s that damn yellow hat signify? (The site would seem seem to tell us that, depending on what color you read that hat as, The Man in the Yellow Hat may be into piss, be a drooler, or have an 8 inch cock. I wonder if this will ever come up on Google and ruin the life of an unsuspecting 7 year old who just loves those books)

OK, the Christians could give a shit about Curious George, but let’s hope someone does, since he’s getting his own cartoon early next year. Will Ferrell will be doing the voice of the Man in the Yellow Hat, while the monkey is modeled on Johnny Damon.

The film will be more of a buddy picture, as opposed to the book. "The books usually introduce the Man with the Yellow Hat at the beginning. He says, ‘Goodbye, George, I’m going to work.’ He leaves, George gets into all his adventures, and the Man is absent until the end," director Matt O’Callaghan says. In the film, expect The Man and George to hang out a bunch. I wonder if the hardcore fans will bristle at the changes in the holy text?

There are more pictures at USA Today, which also reveals that the film isn’t sarcastic at all, which is actually a nice change of pace from all the snarky kiddie fare of late.

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