They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While the networks seem to have given up trying to clone Lost, their attempts to replicate the zeitgeist capturing success of Mad Men continues. ABC has Pan Am coming, about the bygone world of sexy air travel in the 60’s, when flight attendants were stewardesses and had to dress slutty, and Starz has Magic City, about a sexy Miami hotel in the 60’s, where presumably the maids had to dress slutty. And most importantly, NBC has Playboy Club, about the birth of the titular Chicago club in – when else? – the 60’s, the decade when everything was sexist sexy.

I have no news or updated information about this show. But Amber Heard posted a picture of herself on Twitter in costume from the set of Playboy Club. Some celebrities have been donating money to Japan relief funds, but I think Ms. Heard’s gift was the most benevolent of the weekend. Thank you, Amber.