April 1

Media: Very little.

Music: John and I rocked our asses out to the new mixes on our way to the city.

Comedy: Nil.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Mom craved Ippolito’s, so we gathered it into us at lunch as a collective. Pasta was RUINED. Dinner was provided by Prohibition. Roma tomato flatbread and hummus. Booze was taken in, ranging from the bramble (amazing) to the horse’s neck (effervescent and amazing) to a delightful modified bourbon sour (with raw egg). I enjoyed a Fuente Short Story.

Family: Mom was at the office all day and in good spirits, which was needed.

Friends: Johnny Mak and I met Andrew Sweeney at Prohibition. Bob the Bartender gained another fan.

Work: Huge, productive day at the office ranging from the video piece we recorded to a host of other assorted good. Got back in the GUY swing too.

Art: Nope..

Goodies: Nope…

Screenwriting: Nope…… got another text from manager saying “where is it?” but the sites rule me right now.

Projects: No.

Minutia: Traffic’s down. Which sucks, because content quantity AND quality is up.

Activity: No sir.

Ailments: Luckily, my eye wasn’t homoerotic again.

Shrink’s Chair: Most people who don’t have iPhones seem to just be making excuses because they’re so common and popular. I see so few reasons why someone wouldn’t have one. Especially if they have a “competitor”.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The jury is out on whether the ambassador at the bar was nice to be as a reaction to my vocal disappointment or because he just wasn’t able to greet me properly the last five times. So, if it was fake he’s the asshole. If it was genuine, I’m the asshole.

True Trivia: I still go to feed my rat, only to remember she’s been dead for months and her cage is no longer in the spot it was.

Link of the Day: Slingbox. A nearly “must own” product. I love it so much.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Podcast! Music! Guests! Entertaining!

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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