csaProducer David List said it, and Kevin Smith has confirmed it – Silent Bob is off of Fletch Won.

List, weirdly breaking the news on an IMDB message board (I didn’t believe it at first, but as I said, Smith has confirmed), claims that the split was friendly, and that it all came down to good old creative differences. This time, though, he was a touch more specific than usual when people use that excuse: “It’s not that Kevin isn’t talented or funny. It’s just that his comedic style, ultimately, proved not translate well for Fletch, at least as I and Harvey felt. Keep an open mind. There’s lot’s of very funny writers out there. You might be surprised.”

List goes on to promise some big news in the coming weeks, after extolling the genius of Mr. Zach Braff. Hey, wouldn’t it be interesting if Braff didn’t just star in Fletch Won, but actually wrote it? Maybe even directed it? I mean, he definitely showed he could with one of the best directing debuts in recent memory…

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