March 31

Media: The Atlanta Braves, Game #1. VICTORY. Also, audio of the San Francisco Giants v. Los Angeles Dodgers on XM.

Music: Listened to some of the new songs we’ll be polishing up on Saturday. Some of it is great, but there are a few in need of much editing and re-recording.

Comedy: A little Todd Barry. I don’t know how iTunes does it, but CD’s just disappear out of my library. Wanted to hear his From Heaven, but had to do Falling off the Bone instead even though I own all of them and have imported all of them.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Some bruchetta, and then some pasta. Pretty decent stuff, then a quick Zaxby’s after my ballgame on the way back up the highway. No booze.

Family: I had Rocco for several hours in the morning while Catherine and Mom were at the doctor’s office. The verdict is good for Mom, though she has two forms of cancer to fight, it looks like we’ll be able to get at it early. Surgery and radiation next week.

Friends: Not really. The softball team, but I wasn’t feeling very friendly at the end of the night.

Work: Busted butt until gametime. Busted SERIOUS butt between 5-8 and then was at the office until 2am transcribing the Duncan Jones interview too few of you have read.

Art: No, DAMMIT.

Goodies: No, DAMMIT.

Screenwriting: No, DAMMIT.

Projects: No, DAMMIT.

Minutia: I see a major crossroads just up ahead. I want to run to it.

Activity: Softball game. Very cold weather, and even though there are a few black holes at four positions on the diamond, the coach (whose friends occupy those slots) kept me on the bench and batting last in the lineup. On my Wednesday night team, I’m in the middle to back of the back in talent on the team. On the Thursday night team, I am right near the top. Especially when fundamentals, team-centric decisionmaking, and ability to hit the ball consistently come into play. It’s a tough decision because I was a late addition to the team and wasn’t asked to chip in financially. But managing a team requires a balance of good decisions of when to switch players out and where to bat them. If someone has hard feelings about batting last and is 0-25, they’re a dick. I’ve made one out all season. I was chafed as I watched bad defense, dumb baserunning, and a lot of outs happen. I went 3-3 with a triple, 2 singles, a walk, and 3 RBI. And we won, but the opponent was weak and this team seems to like nearly giving games away.

Ailments: I woke up at 3am with one eye seeing only red hues and the other seeing only green hues. To say we were concerned, is an understatement. I will be visiting an eye doctor soon.

Shrink’s Chair: When I see someone with a UGA sticker on a car I want to ram it into oblivion, and I have no college team. I don’t care about college sports at all. But the “Dawg” culture is so trite it just soils all.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The absolute fucker who saw me walking behind him with hands full and didn’t even bother to hold the door. Then in the elevator told me what floor to press for him. I shook my head and said “fucking people”, to which he had no answer.

True Trivia: Miscarriages make me an only child. I’d have been one of five siblings otherwise.

Link of the Day: Drew Estate. A great cigar manufacturer.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: More work than a man needs.

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