While the crew will be getting together tomorrow morning to shot a brand-new full-length CHUD Video Podcast, we can’t help but feel you need more of our moving pixels in your life. With that in mind, we’ve hatched up a new feature that we hope to run on a weekly, or bi-monthly basis that is a little shorter, a little sweeter, and will prepare you for the weekend and the next week.

Much like the CHUD Video Podcast #0, this is definitely a test run. From planning to shooting to cutting to uploading this was all done in a matter of hours, and it’s probably not the final form of what this could be. We wanted to get the concept out there though, and see what chewers respond to and what ideas they have. We know these will all run between 5 and 15 minutes, and will focus on the week’s news and the weekend’s newest releases. The idea is to give you something polished, focused, and useful while integrating just enough of the regular Podcast flavor to make it interesting. Expect to see Nick and I primarily, but we plan on bringing in some familiar and new faces from time to time.

Also! Nick mentions in this segment that we’re running a small contest to give away a Duncan Jones-signed Source Code poster. To win that, just give us your best idea for a title for this currently Untitled Friday Segment, and we’ll shoot that bastard your way. Submit your idea in the Message Board thread for this piece (refresh the page if there’s not a link right here- its coming), and we’ll pick our favorite to become the permanent name of this particular segment.

So what’s dicussed in this episode?

Source Code
Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman
The Expendables 2 and Rambo
Cat Run

Also: AIDS, D.L. Hughley, and anal sex.

Naturally we’re looking for any feedback or ideas you have. What did you see that you liked? What would you like to see that you didn’t? What subjects would you like us to focus on? Let us know on the message board, or in the comments below…

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