It’s every comic geek’s dream: seeing Wolverine and Batman collide on the silver screen.  Unfortunately due to legal entanglements (and the fact that Marvel and DC now seem to despise each other, or at the very least have a not-so-friendly competition), this project is as close as we’ll ever get.

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman will face off nonetheless in The Prestige, which reunites Bale with his Batman Begins director Chris Nolan.  The story, based on the acclaimed book by Brit novelist Christopher Priest (not to be confused with the comic scribe of the same name), involves two 19th century stage illusionists who have a feud over one particularly impressive act they both perform.  It does not involve an ostrich and a jar of strawberry jam.

Nolan, whose brother Jonathan adapted the novel for the screen, has been sitting on the film rights for some time now.  The Touchstone flick is scheduled to start filming in January with a $40 million budget, significantly less expensive than the $150 million or so than the latest entries in each of the stars’ respective superhero franchises cost.

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