I’m one of those boring assholes who was left flaccid by the raging nostalgia-boner that is The Expendables. I by no means hate it, and have love for the classic action that inspired it, but I felt like so-so filmmaking and bland action got a pass because of it’s admittedly charming cast, and the gimmickry of bringing all those gents together. That said, I think I’m in the minority around here, so it’s definitely worth reporting that The Expendables 2 now has an official release date…

August 17th, 2012.

Right now it is the sole combatant on that weekend, though G.I. Joe 2 will be in its second weekend. There’s also nothing remotely action related in the following few weeks, so perhaps the sequel can top the impressive gross of the first film. With Bruce Willis taking a more central role, Arnold out in the wild again, and who knows what other action icons hopping on board… that’s a real possibility.

Keep in mind though, Sly won’t be behind the camera this time, and is shopping for a director. He claims the script is harder edged, and will keep up the hard-R antics of the first film.

Mark your calendars and start your juicing… some random international dictator’s flunkies are going to have a bad day in a year and a half. If you’re in the mood, take a look at Nick’s impressive batch of Expendables interviews from last year, or our old tag-team review.

Randy Couture

Terry Crews

Dolph Lundgren


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