With as big a splash as Moon made around the sewer, it was inevitable that Duncan Jones’ follow-up would garner lots of attention. And while it’s definitely a studio effort based on another’s script, it’s still a definitely a Duncan Jones movie, and will still be the classiest, smartest time at the movies you’ve had so far this year. I imagine a lot of you will be checking the film out this weekend, so here’s a rundown of all the coverage of Source Code we’ve got for you.


DIRECTOR: Nick spoke with Duncan Jones when he dropped by Atlanta, and had a wonderful conversation with him. They talked about Source Code itself, special effects, and where Jones hopes to go in the future….

Excerpt: “I’m way too new and don’t have enough of a catalog to know my stuff will endure yet. I hope they do, I hope Moon does. You have to have a script you feel utterly convinced is something that will draw and audience in. You have to have a protagonist the audience can really attach themselves to, a leading man the audience will care enough about so that they’ll  feel something if there is an event or an emotional roller coaster along the way. The script is really the start of it. The visuals really kinda take care of themselves after you know what you’re trying to do, at least for me.”

SCIENCE! I was lucky enough to speak to a Neuromorphic engineer named Charles Higgins PhD. who schooled my on the current state of advanced neural interfaces, and how the science of Source Code reconciles with real life. It’s presented as part text, part audio.

Excerpt: “…as a scientist, I really take a lot of inspiration from science fiction because people who are writing this stuff have no idea what’s possible and what’s not- they’re not limited by the knowledge I have of what’s available, and what I don’t think will ever be available. See what I mean?”

CAST & CREW: While at SXSW I was lucky enough to witness a Q&A with director Duncan Jones, writer Ben Ripley, and actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, and Michelle Monaghan. You can find it attached to my festival review at the lower part of the page, right here.

Excerpt: “Ripley: This was a really tortuous process for me to write this. I was thinking about movies like Rashomon and Groundhog Day and Sliding Doors [laughter], and eventually found my way to the train, and eventually found my way to the terrorism plot. And I dunno, I wish I could take a pill and do it all again. I think it was trying to channel a non-linear story like Rashomon, that’s all I can tell ya.”



Josh Miller reviewed Source Code this week and found it a bit lighter than he was expecting. While it’s an ultimately positive review, Josh has an interesting take on the film that you should definitely check out.

“…Source Code is also surprisingly light. And very fun. These attributes could very well make the film a hit with the kind of broader audience that has no interest in the headier convictions of a film like Moon. And I think existing Jones fans will also like it, as long as they enter with weakened and realistic expectations. Despite the somewhat negative tone I think I’m creating thus far, the film is very enjoyable. It’s just, as I said, light.”

3.5 out of 5

Source Code was the opening film at SXSW and it rocked a full house at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX. You can check out my festival review here.

“…it is a hell of a film, and one you should catch at earliest opportunity. Assuming Jones has a long career, Source Code will ultimately be remembered as an early-career promise of talent rather than a oeuvre highlight, but if this his version of a studio “one for them” movie, then we can keep looking forward to his more commercial work right along with the personal stuff.”

4 out of 5


Extras & News

The studios have clearly caught onto the popularity of info-graphics and sharply designed posters, releasing this online image for Source Code that cleverly integrates the 8-minute motif within a chart of some of Col. Colter Steven’s trip through the source code. Don’t stare too hard- it might allude to some secrets of the film…

And if you’re looking to go down memory lane, take a look through our coverage of Source Code through it’s production…

• The final trailer, which hit the internet at the same time a MOON-inspired Hip-Hop mixtape was making waves… [link]

• The release of the excellent SXSW Mondo Director Series posters for Duncan Jones, including pieces for Moon and Source Code. [link]

• The first trailer. [link]

• The casting of the leading ladies. [link]

• The first announcement of the film and Jake Gyllenhaal’s involvement, back in 2009. [linkl]

Looking Back on Moon

Let us not forget the film that started it all. You can always look back at Devin’s Sundance review, Alex’s theatrical review, or remind yourself just what’s in store from the director if he ever pulls together the funds…

See you at the theaters this weekend. Make sure you come back to let us know what you though about the film in the comments or on the message boards!


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