Memorial Day is just around the corner in movie marketing terms, so Warner Bros is hitting The Hangover: Part II hard.   We got the new poster, and now we have the new trailer to match.

I liked the first trailer. It was sort of existentialist, and you could pretend it wasn’t just going to rehash all of the same jokes from the first film.

Unfortunately, the full trailer really disabuses that notion.   You just have a monkey instead of a tiger, and an old man instead of a baby.  Mr. Chow is back.  There’s more guns. It might be funny.

My biggest disappointment isn’t even the rehashed jokes, it’s that Stu didn’t stay with hooker Heather Graham! Come on!  I thought maybe he was giving her the kind of exotic destination wedding they never got to have instead of dumping her back in the Las Vegas gutter. Lame.

Oh well. I liked the shot at 0:43 the best, so I’m no judge. I might see this just for the way the Thailand humidity makes a white cotton shirt cling to all the right places. Goddamn!