cdWhen someone told me there was going to be a Wrecking Crew movie, I got excited and hoped Gus Van Sant would direct. I mean, the only thing gayer than professional wrestling was this group of sweaty, bulging Thor foes.

Turns out this is a baseball team, though. Still, don’t baseball dudes always pat each other on the ass and shower together?

Anyway, the Wrecking Crew team in question is from John Albert’s memoir Wrecking Crew: The Really Bad News Griffith Park Pirates. These guys are the seedy underbelly of Hollywood (and by the way, every time I go to LA I say Hollywood is the only place I could live, precisely because of this seedy underbelly), and John was on their amateur ball team. A screenwriter, ex punk drummer and one time smack addict, he brings their story to life with heart and humor. Or so the Amazon reviews would have me believe – I ain’t buying this thing in hardback.

Scott Kosar, the horror remake writing machine (Amityville, Texas Chainsaw AND the Crazies), will adapt the book for Paramount. How soon until someone makes a reality show out of this, by the way?