Bravo is on in my joint all the time. That wouldn’t necessarily be so bad if I didn’t outright despise 98% of the programming that appears on my TV from that station. But the wife has loves 100% of their most ubiquitous franchise, so there you go. I’m bombarded year-round now by The Real Housewives of Wherever the Fuck They Are This Month, the recap shows for each one of those programs, the reunions, the lost footage, the re-reunions and spinoff shows like Bethenny Ever After.  I’d chastise her for enjoying this pre-fabbed, fake drama, fake tits, fake everything franchise…but then she’d counter with WWE and well, I’d have little retort.  Needless to say though, whenever any one of these shows is on, I make a mad dash for the bedroom computer.

Anyway, Bravo’s feeling pretty good about itself these days with the success of that entire franchise, as well as other shows that’s recently renewed such as Flipping Out, Project Runway and Million Dollar Listing.  In addition to those, it’s also renewed Top Chef: Just Desserts and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. But here’s the kicker: it’s also greenlit a whopping 11 new shows, marking their biggest slate ever.  Here are the details on all the shows, via THR:

- Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis follows Jeff and Jenni as they move into someone else’s home and Jeff does what Jeff does best: redesign their space and judge their flaws. He’ll observe the homeowners, diagnose their problems, and then take over their house for five days – with the goal of improving them inside and out. Produced by Authentic Entertainment with Lauren Lexton, Tom Rogan and Sara Mast serving as executive producers.

- It’s a Brad Brad World (working title) follows stylist Goreski as he embarks on his new business venture and tries to maintain his personal life. Produced by Shed Media with Nick Emmerson and Jennifer O’Connell serving as executive producers.

- The Therapists follows the professional and personal lives of our dynamic experts as they counsel a wide array of patients. Produced by Intuitive Entertainment with by Kevin Dill and Mechelle Collins serving as executive producers.

- Mad Fashion presents an up-close look at the over-the-top world of celebrity fashion designer March. From concept to delivery, each episode follows March, the Project Runway alum, and his eccentric crew of fashion misfits as they create one-of-a-kind designs for his loyal clientele. Produced by Matt Westmore Media and No Regrets Entertainment with Matt Westmore and Noah Scheinmann serving as executive producers and Dean Slotar as the series showrunner

- Million Dollar Listing NY follows some of Manhattan’s most relentless realtors as they close multi-million dollar deals faster than a yellow cab runs a red light. Produced by World of Wonder with Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey serving as executive producers with Megan Estrada and Danielle King as series showrunners.

- Most Eligible: Dallas follows a group of successful friends – from beauty queens to pro-football players – living it up like only Texas socialites can. Produced by Pink Sneakers with Kimberly Cowin and John Ehrhard serving as executive producers.

- Project Soulmate revolves around New York City matchmaker Lori Zaslow. Produced by Intuitive Entertainment with Mechelle Collins and Kevin Dill as executive producers.

- Ready to Wear (working title) follows the staff at New York’s high-end consignment show Second Time Around. Produced by Leftfield Pictures with Brent Montgomery, David George, Colby Gaines and Matt Anderson serving as executive producers.

- Roble and Co. follows chef Roblé Ali as he launches his own catering business … in Brooklyn … with his bossy big sister. Produced by Red Line Films with Al Szmanski, Peter Franchella, Toby Faulkner and Aaron Rothman as executive producers.

- Tabatha Takes Over follows Tabatha Coffey, the tressed-to-kill queen of salon transformations, as she hits the road again – but this time she’s taking over more than just salons. This time, she takes over various small businesses and family enterprises and whips them into shape. Produced by Reveille with Howard T. Owens as executive producer.

- Miss Advised follows three single relationship experts — all of whom make a living dispensing advice — on and off the job. In each episode, viewers will watch these women juggle their work and personal lives as they maneuver thru the dating world and discover whether or not they practice what they preach. Produced by RelativityREAL and Blondie Girl Productions with Tom Forman, Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Rhoades serving as executive producers.

Yeah, I have the feeling I’m going to be in the bedroom a lot this fall.  And not in the good way.