.A note to readers in screening cities:

As I spent the better part of four hours today going through envelopes sent in from various cities, the realization sunk in for the millionth time in the past several years.

This needs to change.

When I was the guy supplying the envelopes and stamps and hours to get the passes out, I at least had the control of who they went to without feeling sorry if I didn’t send a pass out. With people supplying the envelopes, I feel obliged to stuff them even when the absolutely simple requests I put forth are ignored. You know, stuff like "Put the name of the film and the city on the EXTERIOR envelope" so my sorting takes a little less time or if there’s a simple question I want answered like for Domino when I asked for people to list two celebrities who could use being captured by Domino Harvey. Some people made the effort. Most didn’t, either writing nothing at all or just Domino. Then there’s the people who give me hell when they don’t get a pass because I’ve run out of tickets and I’m so mean as to give them a different free movie pass when I’ve run out of the one they requested.

Then there’s the guy who called my house on Monday while I was at softball, telling my wife he’d much rather stop by the house to get his passes than send in envelopes, thank you very much.


So, I am done with the new method of sending out passes. No more envelopes with SASE’s inside. No more torrents of licking and paper cuts hours of my free time spent at the table going through mail. No more flat out unappreciative readers. It’s done. I’m going back to the old way where the people that deserve the tickets get the tickets and I know that the people I mail passes to are readers of CHUD.com and not just opportunistic people who care more about the FREE than the MOVIES in the term FREE MOVIES.

Am I bitter? Yeah, I am.

With that said, I would love to send DOOM passes out to readers of the site in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Memphis! I’d be joyous to do such a thing. It’d be my pleasure. Here’s how to get in the running for a pass of your own for you and a fellow film-loving friend to see Karl Urban and The Rock battle minions of Hell with large handheld weapons. If you didn’t know, it’s based on a video game too!

Seriously, it’s DOOM and it’s going to be a blast.

Here’s how to get in the running for tickets:

Using the correct link below and including your mailing address, answer these three questions and one of these little paper keys to another dimension might travel through the mail service in your general direction…

1.) Tell me of your personal experience with first-person shooters, whether it be from the old days of Duke Nukem 3-D and Doom or today’s release of Far Cry Instincts. ‘Fess up on how hardcore you are or were. I used to be hardcore until my entire circle of friends became HALO’d out overnight.

2.) What video game still remains unfilmed and is so primed for a feature that you don’t understand why it hasn’t been made. Note: Silent Hill, Halo, Fatal Frame, and many others are being made, so count them out.

3.) If the staff of CHUD were the playable characters in a video game, which would you choose to operate and get killed hundreds of time before finally saving the princess?





Also, I no longer want stamps sent in physically (I’m moving to an undisclosed location I’ll actually keep private), anyone who wants to help out is invited to Paypal using the links on the site.