Everybody and their grandmother’s psychic slammed the first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman.  Apparently the guys in charge of that decision heard the collective grumbling and decided to make some alterations.  GotCeleb has some new picks of Palicki in action as WW and some of her costume’s more garish features, namely the shiny pants and blue boots have been replaced with more spandex-like leggings and the familiar red booties we all know.  Unfortunately, as I understand it, they haven’t changed the equally garish script on the thing, so this may just be akin to those commercials where they wax a car in a junkyard: that little section may be nice and shiny, but the whip’s is still heading to the crusher when it’s all said and done.

I’ll reserve judgment until I see the thing.  I’ve liked Palicki in other things and the shots at GotCeleb look like she’s making a game effort of it, so we’ll see.  But it continues to be funny that the biggest female superhero in comicdom still finds herself beset by furious wardrobe debate, especially since her major wardrobe overhaul last year.  So, just to add my own two-bits to the debate, this one would have worked for me.   But what we see here is a definite improvement.  You can click the image to enwonderbrasize and head over to the source article for more snaps.