You knew this was going to happen – with The 40 Year Old Virgin pulling in $100 million and Wedding Crashers catching twice that, every lemming studio exec is groping for a raunchy (and more importantly, inexpensive) R-rated comedy they can turn into box office Cialis.

New Line has firmly placed their covetous hands on a comedy pitch cleverly called Boob Job.  The story, as it were, involves a man whose wife gets breast implants, a wonderful event which somehow then ruins the guy’s life.  Difficult for any true breast enthusiast to imagine, sure, but that brief plot description is all we have to go on so far.  TV guy Michael Markowitz has been tasked with turning that into 90 minutes of alleged laughs.

Apparently the idea came up at an industry seminar when a New Line exec told a similar story, and everyone “agreed that that would make a great movie”.  Which really sounds like a scene from a satire of Hollywood, but it’s hard for me to argue with a great set of fake hooters.

It was full of cans on our message boards!