This should probably fall under the aegis of THUD, but I don’t want to hijack Devin’s irregular feature any more than he feels compelled to resuscitate my equally sporadic Underground column, so pretend the following news is more than just television related.

The Sci-Fi Channel has graciously approved a new series that actually does not involve any sort of Stargate. Andy Cosby’s creation Eureka has been given the go-ahead for a 13-episode season on the network.  The quirky show will star Colin Ferguson (from the DOA American version of the Britcom Coupling) as a US marshal who gets stranded in the small town of the title, a community he discovers is actually a top-secret “brain trust” where the government has various scientists working on potentially world-altering experiments.

The series (fantastic news for those of us now unimpressed with that Stargate "water effect" and who actually miss stuff like The Chronicle) also features Salli Richardson-Wittfield, Greg Germann, Joe Morton, Debrah Farentino, Maury Chaykin, Matt Frewer and Jordan Hinson.  Eureka will make its first splash on the airwaves next summer, likely along with new Battlestar Galactica episodes and probably Stargate: Sausalito.

Cosby, an inventive cat and all-around swell chap who is currently adapting his terrific vampire comic Damn Nation for a feature film, previously created Haunted, a short-lived UPN spook series perhaps best known for starting Lost doctor Matthew Fox down the supernatural path.

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