Like Father Like Son. All of Me. Vice Versa. 18 Again.  Freaky Friday.  Switch. 13 Going on 30.  All such classic and ingenious comedies, it’s no surprise we haven’t yet seen the death of the body-swap genre.

Scooby Doo series director Raja Gosnell is shifting from digitized hounds and meddling kids for one of those endlessly clever consciousness transfers, a purported comedy called Twist.  This one has a computer geek trading minds with a suave spy for some madcap espionage adventures.  The nerd is suddenly a supercool stud!  The debonair agent is abruptly pale and scrawny and unpalatable to women!  Can you just imagine the zany events that will no doubt develop from such a crafty concept?  Can you?  Dare you?!?

Gosnell previously skirted such uproarious affairs with the fat-suit funny of Big Momma’s House, and if he captures a fraction of the hilarity of Face/Off, this’ll be a rousing success.  Or something.  Hey, remember how everyone got their thong in a knot because this guy was going to direct Fantastic Four?  And then they ended up with the visionary behind Barbershop instead?  Yeah.

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