I’m hopeful that someday Colin Farrell will live up to the promise he showed in American Outlaws, and continually surrounding himself with other talented folks can’t hurt.  Maybe someday, if he keeps trying, he’ll be a star.

The single-browed stud will shift his focus from historical epics like Alexander and Miami Vice to join Edward Norton on New Line’s cop drama Pride and Glory, playing a crooked New York cop in a precinct where Norton’s homicide dick has been assigned.  New Line regular Noah Emmerich plays Norton’s older bro, who’s in charge of the precinct.

The movie comes from Miracle director Gavin O’Connor, who wrote the script with Joe Carnahan, a guy who already explored police corruption with Narc. O’Connor is also working on Clark & Lewis, a new take on the Northwest Passage explorers that will surely make former CHUD contributor Smilin’ Jack Ruby plenty happy.

High-paid party guy Farrell previously picked up Norton’s sloppy seconds after he departed Hart’s War, but he hasn’t got around to Salma Hayek yet.  I have faith he will, though. Shit, somebody needs to.

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