STUDIO: Dimension
MSRP: $19.99
• Feature Commentary by the Director, Producer, and Writers
• Deleted and Extended Scenes with Optional Commentary
• Outtakes and Bloopers
• Alternate Ending
• More Deleted Scenes
• Making Scary Movie 3
• Making Scary Movie 3… For Real
• Behind the Scenes: Alternate Ending

The Pitch

“The popcorn you’re eating has been pissed in. Film at 11.

The Humans

Anna Faris (Lost In Translation), Anthony Anderson (Romeo Must Die), Leslie Nielsen (Nuts), Charlie Sheen (Platoon), Queen Latifah (Sphere)

"We’re not in the rest of this movie? Change the channel."

The Nutshell

In this, the first Wayans-free entry in Dimension Films’ scattershot horror spoof series, Cindy (Faris) transitions from a Neve Campbell analogue to a Naomi Watts analogue and encounters labored references to Signs, The Ring, and for some reason 8 Mile along the way. This “3.5” version incorporates footage deleted from the film’s original PG-13 release.

The Package

Anamorphic 16:9 transfer, with endless, random rap numbers in 5.1. Duck! It’s a forced trailer package!

Box art spotlights a number of people who, despite their fame, only appear in the film for a couple minutes each. The cardboard slipcover simulates a torn brown wrapper so you can pretend it’s a bootleg or something.


David Zucker and Robert K. Weiss may have lost their touch for comedy since the Naked Gun days, but they’re still fun to listen to. The commentary tracks and documentaries shed some light on what went wrong. And a LOT went wrong—witness the “Alternate Ending”, which is actually a jettisoned version of the entire last act of the film and features some expensive but unfunny makeup effects.

Interestingly, both the making-of and the joke "For Real" making-of appear to have been recorded during the shooting of these deleted sequences.

The Lowdown

This is a prime example of what I like to call Comfort Comedy. No demands are made of the audience; the more complicated jokes are carefully spelled out in the trailers and TV commercials so you know to laugh when they roll around, and it’s understood that a random celebrity cameo is as good as a punchline.

Timmy puts his talent for Voodoo Drawing to good use.

It should be noted that Ms. Faris continues to distinguish herself as a good sport, though nothing here remotely approaches the more infamous moments from the first two films.

I found this film impossible to sit through without listening to the commentary track.

2.5 out of 10