There is a new movie theater here in good old Oklahoma called Warren Theaters. I guess it got its start in Kansas before opening a branch here. It is the nicest theater I have ever been in.

I went a few weeks ago to see Iron Man and I was blown away. I don’t pretend to know too much about the latest technology but they advertise they are the first in the world to incorporate all Digital Cinema and THX technology. I guess that’s pretty good shit. At least it made my seat thump.

They also had a sound proof “crying room” for parent’s to take their kids if they got too noisy

We hit our first problems with the cinema however on Sunday. I had purchased Balcony tickets for Indiana Jones the Thursday before and we showed up on Sunday to see the movie only to be told that you could not order tickets for the balcony online and all seats were sold out. I told them the money was taken out of my bank account and they said I would need a bank statement to prove it.

I was pissed.

They gave me complimentary tickets to another showing and, to work around my wife’s work schedule, we chose to go tonight. I took in the bank printout and showed them the money was paid and they set it up to refund the payment. We’ll see how that turns out.

Then we went into the balcony.

Holy shit.

We ate at a restaurant in the balcony, which was reasonably priced before the movie started and then were shown to our seats. In the balcony, you get assigned seats so, no matter what time you arrive, you know where you are sitting.

The seats were freaking huge. The guy who showed us to our seats explained how to turn the heaters up in the individual chairs, which the wife loved. There was also a call button on the seats to call a waiter who would bring drinks from a full service bar or food from the restaurant.

There was a table in between each two seats for the food and a large cup holder and table like area on one of the arm rests. Halfway through, we ordered a small popcorn and refills on our drinks without leaving our seats and missing part of the movie. How cool is that?

I hope I’m not showing that I am too much of an Okie, but damn …

I’m used to theaters with rude employees, uncomfortable seats, and sticky floors.

I think I’m spoiled.