We’re reaching the point of the year when summer movie marketing goes into overdrive, and spoilers abound.   Secret cameos? Bah to that.

CinemaCon (formerly ShoWest) was treated to 20 minutes each from Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger tonight, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. (Oddly, neither film has a panel at this year’s WonderCon. I guess just theater owners have to be sold on this, and not rabid fanboys and girls.)

Part of the Thor footage contained a surprise (and formerly secret) cameo: Hawkeye.    According to Katey Rich of Cinema Blend, it’s more than a walk-on, and not simply Jeremy Renner ordering a Starbucks asking them to put “Clint B.” on his cup.  It’s Renner in full-on Hawkeye mode, using his bow and arrow, and talking to the stolid Agent Coulson.  He has several lines, and the implication is that his role is more than just a corny wink and nod.

Rich was keen to post the scoop, but avoid spoilers (bless her) so we don’t know the context of the scene, what was said, or how it fits in with the film.  But it’s exciting nonetheless, and confirms whispers that have been running around the Internet for several months.

Now, how long until we find out just who cameos in Captain America? You know there has to be at least one. No, Nick Fury doesn’t count.