Telltale Games is still pumping out episodes of the excellent Back to the Future: The Videogame series (the third was just released yesterday and featured the return of Jennifer) but they’re already looking ahead to their next big property.

The first episode of Jurassic Park: The Game will hit PC and Mac next month, followed by consoles in the fall. They have a preorder deal for $30 now, a nice deal for five separate games. Today they released a new trailer that shows off the main pull for the game- all those giant birds.

Jurassic Park: The Game is a departure for the adventure company, as it’s going to be a third person action/adventure title that perhaps holds some similarities to titles like Heavy Rain, with a focus on insane action sequences powered by QTEs. The downside of this is that everyone’s sick of QTEs. The upside is that means that there’s going to be a hole lot of death via dinosaur here. Check out the below trailer to see what can happen when you mess up…

The plot is still mostly under wraps, but it’s supposed to feature new characters and show what happened to a few unresolved plot points, like what happened to that can of shaving cream that Nedry dropped in the mud. Not too much longer till we find out for ourselves.