March 29

Media: More of Tron: Legacy on the plane. I wish it was better. I wanted it to be better. The Braves/Twins game. Walk-Off HR!

Music: Rocked out to El Michels Affair once I’d transcribed all of the Neil Burger interview.

Comedy: Live comedy in the form of the amazing Bryan Cranston. Electric, I tell you!

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Had a little muffin and coffee before the flight, and a little soda on the flight but I arrived in Albuquerque ready to eat the penis off a deceased hippo. It didn’t come to that, though. Instead I had amazing Southwestern style burger. Then, dinner at the Artichoke Cafe, and it was good. Lots of red wine consumed. Then, a jaunt to Imbibe. A cigar bar. I had a fifth of a cracked Isla del Sol while sipping Grand Marnier, even though I’d ordered Laphroig Scotch. More to this story below.

Family: My family was half a country away.

Friends: No, but there were a few folks either on staff of Breaking Bad, studio reps, or traveling press that I instantly took a liking to.

Work: I transcribed Neil Burger for the majority of the flight, and as with most of the interviews we do… it was ignored. Also worked on other stuff, but the majority of the day once I hit the ground involved prepping for the set visit/junket stuff.

Art: No!

Goodies: Nothing tangible, but the night was very special.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: No.

Minutia: I hate naps. I hate sleeping for the most part, but it was phenomenal to slip into the hotel bed and be deceased for a couple of hours.

Activity: I walked my arsehole off. Up and down the city trying to find the place. Google Maps on my phone put its cock in me sans lubrication and gave me all it had. Finally, a mile in the opposite direction, I found my destination.

Ailments: Too much information, but when I travel it takes a while for me to be able to resume my typical bathroom routine.

Shrink’s Chair: It restored a lot of the faith in me in this job to be able to sit at a table for several hours with amazing actors and other folks in the industry and have intelligent, civilized, and hilarious discussions (all of it off the record stuff, so sorry) and remember what it’s like to be actually interacting with the people who make our work worth it. I’ll be honest, the web’s tough. It’s a 24/7 thing and you can’t savor a job well done, trying to communicate with staff is difficult, paying everyone on time and getting it to them is vital, covering expenses yet being thrifty, all the while as readers lose interest and don’t populate the site and boards like they used to and while our ad reps are not filling the site with stuff? It hurts. It’s easy to feel small and like you’re spinning your wheels. It’s good to get away and be close to the craft. And there’s none better than Breaking Bad.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The people that populated and the ones who run Imbibe. Look at this website. To a cigar lounge guy it looks like Heaven. Perfect. Here’s what i walked into when I arrived after my $12 cab ride specifically for the purpose of seeing this spot and possibly profiling it for

About two hundred young people, about six of which had cigars. The rest were just there making noise and posturing. The men were either overdressed in that weird way that feels synthetic or decked out in Affliction shit showing off their tats and “guns” which is synthetic. The women were in stilettos and wearing tight dresses and lots of makeup. It was a meat market, and there was thudding dogshit dance music… which is fine for a club. But not for a cigar lounge. It’s obviously a beautiful place, but this “college night” was a fucking tragedy. The humidor was embarrassing. Mostly crap like Acids and flavored smokes and only a few brands that were the kind of stuff serious smokers go for. Worse yet, the cigars were in bad shape. The humidor wasn’t sealed well and people kept leaving the door open. Just plain bad. I get that the owners need to make money… but don’t sell your place as a classy cigar lounge and then have it look like the afterparty for Fast 5.

A horrible experience. I gulped my drink and left my flaking shitbox of a cigar after ten puffs and got another $12 cab out of there. The driver told me that these nights are more trouble that they’re worth. People get overserved and trouble brews, and it ruins the vibe of the place to serious gents. Fuck Imbibe is what I’m saying.

True Trivia: It is very hard for me to remember people’s names when I meet them.

Link of the Day: Ipecac. Mike Patton’s record label. Gotta love The Melvins.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: On the set. And then on a plane. AGAIN.

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