March 28

Media: I watched the two latest Justified episodes they sent me. Good stuff. Watched episode one of Treme again. So good. Watched a little more of Tron Legacy. I really like the first act.

Music: No.

Comedy: Listened to Ron White’s ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’. Good stuff., but not his best. I really like this guy and have actually had the chance of observing him at a local strip club. He lives the life.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Chicken Biscuits for breakfast. P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Mainstream, yes? Delicious? YES. Lots of juice and coffee but no booze.

Family: Went to Mom’s to see how she was feeling after the treatment today. My Uncle Frank and his wife Janet were there. We hung out and shot the shit over Chinese food. Poor Mom… they really tore her up and this is only the PREPARATION for the treatment.

Friends: The gang at work. Not much else.

Work: Lots. Not enough. Made fun of a black dude trapped in popcorn on one site while hating on Stryper album art on the other. Am a little worried about the staff(s) and hope things start to pick up. Too many good people and writers with good ideas to waste.

Art: No.

Goodies: I got the new issue of ESPN magazine, which is their baseball preview issue.

Screenwriting: No, but tomorrow on the plane IT IS ON!

Projects: No, but getting there.

Minutia: The beautiful bartender at P.F. Chang’s offered to top me off before I left, but apparently we had different definitions of the word.

Activity: I bounced on my bouncy ball!

Ailments: I thought you had to HAVE abdominal muscles to pull one.

Shrink’s Chair: I hear second hand about how people are afraid to talk to me, as if I’m some difficult person to speak with or communicate with. Also, folks read this blog and come to conclusions about the things I allude to. Approach me! Find out! I’m a nice fellow.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Pastor Thomas Robb. did a lot of research on this beast. Makes me sick. Look for a future article on about my findings.

True Trivia: I really want to shave my head.

Link of the Day: Mike Birbiglia’s official site. Guy is good!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Going to Albuquerque to visit a set. But what shoots there?

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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