One of the toughest parts of this column each week is the opening paragraph. Start off on a wrong note and it’s over even before it began, just like those health problems I have! Start off too quickly and you’ll loose steam by the middle of … damn, where were we? Start off just right, and the digital porridge you’ll receive will be warm enough to bathe your unsanitary Mr. Jacksons all over the place. Or so I hope.


Workshed!Most neophyte gremlins wouldn’t be who they are today without the corruptible forces of Sam & Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell slaying the forces of evil in one of the shittiest rundown backwoods cabins imaginable. The sheer kinetic joy of having a loved one morphed into a beast of darkness (and not by the powers of alcohol, marriage or Brian Cox), threatening to swallow all sorts of goodness (not in that Vivid Video way, either) is tough to pass up, even when you’re still forming your basic sense of values. So, if there’s one thing I know about life, and what Evil Dead II (CHUD’s DVD review of the Book of the Dead Edition is coming soon!) has instilled upon me, is that she-bitches need a good smack every once and a while from some double-barreled goodness. But it doesn’t stop there, as you’ve got to be Groovy even after you happen to chop off your arm with a rusty chainsaw, you can create an awesome camera shot by strapping your go-getting actor into a harness and finally, if a black hole ever happens to suck your pimp mobile Delta ’88 along with everything else in its path, you’d better just let go and be ushered along for the ride. I really shouldn’t have to say anything else, because if you’re visiting here having not seen the film, then I just don’t think this relationship is going to last. Someone’s in the fruit cellar and has a fresh soul, if you know what I mean.

Gimme back my hand! – with: audio commentary with Writer-Director Sam Raimi, Star Bruce Campbell, Co-Writer Scott Spiegel and Special Make-Up Effects Artist Greg Nicotero, 2 featurettes (Evil Dead II: Behind-The-Screams and The Gore The Merrier), some talent bios and the excellently awesome theatrical trailer.

dogtown unrated
Travel back in time to the glamorous world of 1970’s Venice, a place where a group of young kids were discovering themselves. As they stroked their fires of anticipation, sweating profusely, trying and trying, their release was as natural as a bumbling first time could be. But it was still awesome, dude. Skateboarding would swallow their lives and their souls, especially since the metropolitan LA area (and Henrietta) tends to do that to a lot of people. Based upon the legendary Z-boys (check out their knarly documentary here), Lords of Dogtown (read Devin’s review) takes the more capitalistic narrative approach to the exploits of the dudes who made vertical air that much more important, even as it came at the expense of those around them and their swimming pools. Brought to life courtesy of Catherine Hardwicke, who shepherded the curiously overwrought teen drama o’doom Thirteen, Dogtown shows the tumultuous times of the group of boys, including Emile Hirsch, Victor Vargas’ Victor Rasuk and Elephant‘s John Robinson, as they grapple with their newfound fame and the onslaught of women thrusting their way into their pants. Most of us are still waiting for this to happen, even though our Moms told us just to be ourselves. It’ll come, someday. Lead by the supposedly excellent Heath Ledger (channeling a pseudo Val Kilmer) as their mentor of sorts, it appears that this film works in its many mysterious ways, the least of all being as a film about the merits of demagoguery. Thou shall not bear false witness to the Ollie.

Get patty slapped – with: uncensored director and cast audio commentary, original Z-boys audio commentary, an introduction to Lords of Dogtown with director Catherine Hardwicke, 9 featurettes (Dogged on Dogtown, MPAA Alternatives, The Making-of Lords of Dogtown, Bails & Spills, The Making-of Pacific Ocean Park, Extended Pool Session, Cameo, Of Course We Want a Skateboarding Bulldog! and The Ocean Washes My Hair and Make-up Test), a gag reel, 9 deleted scenes, some storyboard comparisons, Nervous Breakdown music video by Rise Against and 4 minutes of extra footage.

bots!Most CGI Animated films get a bum rap after Pixar pretty much destroyed filmtown with their 5 billion megatons of spectacularity, but to be honest, most films not made by them are limp and rather mediocre (let’s not get started on Valiant). Then there’s Robots, a film I found to be filled with a tremendous amount of visual panache, but missing something in its quest to bring you a fun-filled gooey story about a boy and his blob. Actually, besides being one of the great NES games, it has nothing to do with Rodney Copperbottom’s adventures into the big city to work for Big Weld, who curiously isn’t the former governor of Massachusetts. He happens to be voiced by Mel Brooks, although he’s been shuffled off to the hidden depths of obscurity (like myself) for the new and improved designs of Rachet, a man with a curiously strong Mother. The scheming pair also happens to be hankerin’ to round up all of those who don’t wish to be like everyone else in their shiny newly designed suits. This brings up some larger fascism issues, but they’re quickly detonated into nothingness at the expense of several large action set pieces and a Robot lady with a huge ass. Too bad a robotic Pacino isn’t around to yell "… you’ve got your head – all the way up IT!" before returning to his mentoresque roles.

Never try, never fail – with: audio commentary with director Chris Wedge and producer William Joyce, commentary with the Blue Sky technical team, an animated short – "Aunt Fanny’s Tour of Booty", Discontinued Parts (deleted scenes) with optional audio commentary with Chris Wedge, The Original Robots Short (original short that sold the movie to the studio), 2 featurettes (You Can Shine No Matter What You’re Made Of and the Blue Man Group), Meet the Bots (interactive): Character Bios, Characters 3-D Turnaround, Character Interviews Profiles, Character Design Gallery, Interactive games: Robot Dance, Invent-a-Bot, Fender Photo Shoot, an Xbox Exclusive Multi-Player Racing Game, some DVDROM exclusive links and the exclusive – Inside Look at the Making of Ice Age 2.

StewieDirect to video usually spells box office poison for some (but not Van Damme and Lundgren, babee), unless you happen to be discussing the new Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story (read Andrew’s DVD review). While not technically a feature-length film, the newly crowned story is a three-episode arc, which should run in the neighborhood of approximately 35 minutes, coupled with 75 minutes of useless commercials. However, that’s something TiVo pummels into the afterworld if you’ve been fortunate enough to jump on that bandwagon. Family Guy‘s always dependable series of left-of-center blindsiding jokes coupled with pop culture skewering the likes of which haven’t been seen since my last egotistical column are in full force once again. The exploits begin as Stewie notices a man on television who looks curiously like himself. Rather than believe that the bumbling Pea-tear-Griffin is his father, he sets out on a journey to discover his familial roots alongside with Brian and Quaqmire. But the best news you’re most likely waiting for before you spooge all over your fresh underwear is the complete uninhibited nature of this ‘movie’, meaning absolutely nothing has been left for the fucking [censored]. Enjoy your bitches and shits and fucks, because now you can finally hear these characters they way you’ve always wanted, with their profanity and your tears of effeminate joy.

Frickken’ sweet – with: audio commentary with creator Seth Macfarlane, cast members, and writers, a bonus uncensored audio track and an Animatic comparison.

yes!The one thing, out of many, that I find great about Aadarman Animation is their faces. The visages on many of their characters in Creature Comforts – The Complete First Season make each individual show for me, particularity because their range of emotional resonance is unparalleled and completely hysterical. Subscribing to the animal whisperer theme, if you’re unfamiliar with Creature Comforts, it revolves around the lives of a variety of animals told by themselves across a great spectrum of episodes, like a Circus, the Veterinarians, the life Aquatic and the life Gardenia. If you were lucky to hear what your own animal friend is saying, it’s probably along the lines of – "Dude, cut the porno down and take a shower. Oh, and OBEY." While it’s always good to know what our animal brethren are thinking of, the insanely great brain of Nick Park (sadly, he does not wield a lightsaber and flail about) takes it all a step further and brings us the inner most workings of a plethora of excellently detailed creations, from Fluffy hamsters to sagging Bloodhounds. And since you won’t need a pair of They Live glasses to fully understand their plans for world domination, your neighbors dog next door told me that even though we think we know them, we’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Find the clowns quite insulting – with: a clip compilation: favorite bits and 2 featurettes (Creating Creature Comforts – behind the scenes and Bringing Creature Comforts To Life).

hells yes!I’ve never met anyone who gave SpongeBob Squarepants a chance and didn’t enjoy themselves in the process. Although, I’ve met a few people who thought that the combination of annoying grating voice and children’s animation spelled out their drooling induced boredom into Romero’s Land of the Dead. Since those people are completely misinformed, we now present SpongeBob SquarePants – The Complete Third Season, which continues the shows acerbic wit and absurdist humor that makes even the most hardened of sarcastic ass-tight people melt away. As our titular hero who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea encounters his daily dose of hilarity, out-and-out zaniness and supreme silliness, it’s always good to know that the show packs a boatload of gleeful giggles into its relatively short running time. Perennial favorites include where SpongeBob gets himself on a commercial that airs at 3:23 am, only to have his ego inflate to uber levels, when Bikini Bottom is invaded by the Krab Borg, a race of robots so advanced, only SpongeBob and his dreams can thwart them, the immortal Krusty Krab Training Video with the unforgettable Poop Session and when SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs become superheroes by forming the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances to combat the EVIL (Every Villain Is Lemons) faction from creating crime. There’s a hell of a lot more great loony sessions to enjoy, but the fact is, this show is as entertaining as watching various heads explode.

Lure a Sea Bear back to your camping site – with: pop-up video tracks (on selected episodes), the never-before released pilot episode "Help Wanted" and the featurette – "How to draw SpongeBob and friends."

four!It’s long been thought that while Gilmore Girls – Complete Fourth Season (CHUD’s DVD review is forthcoming!) struggled to catch up after separating the gruesome mother-daughter twosome that it ended fairly on a high note with the promise of Willy Shakespeare’s something wicked this way comes. Season Four had Rory going off on her corruption adventure, moving into Freshman year at Yale with the promise of keeping it really abstinent, especially since her wholesome aura was fairly untouched. This year would continually jab that into oblivion. Mom Lorelai was forced to continue their barbed trades back and forth over the phone, and while it takes away some of the immediacy from being mano-a-mano with her spawn, it did create some much needed tension. All of this pales in comparison though, with the various revelations that beset the bonds of motherhood and smashed them into a thousand little pieces. Rory would discover her first female kiss, get involved with a married man named Dean (omg!) while Lorelai was off busy getting mushy with local curmudgeonly Diner owner and married man Luke. The interesting balance of the force was sure to see which one of these would turn to the dark side, although to figure which one out, you’re going to have to watch the show or visit

Wish your mom would let you have your bike back – with: some unaired scenes, a montage of the seasons best ‘hook-up’ scenes called "Who Wants To Get Together?", Gilmore Goodies & Gossip: Fun factoids appear on screen during the Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist episode and a Stars Hollow interactive trivia game.

really needed?Diddy takes his persona a step further and gets into serious capital A-cting mode along with The Guzman™, Mario Van Peebles and Jay Hernandez, the latter trying on the rather intimidating shoes of the role Pacino inhabited in Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power. Here’s hoping Hernandez gets the accent and the general bravado right. Although one curious missing item will be the visual touches of one Brian De Palma, this time as Michael Scott Bregman, son of original producer Martin Bregman, takes the reigns on this 1960’s gangster tale. Who says you don’t need to know people in tinsel town? As it stands, Carlito has risen to power (hence the subtle subtitle) in Spanish Harlem’s corrupt streets, supplying his junkies with enough H to last them a lifetime. But it’s not enough, as ultimate power takes him by the throat (and like Ultimate Fighter, trying H will shrink your testes) and shakes him around like you did to yourself minutes prior. Trusting absolutely no one except for his family, Carlito begins to learn by the way of the gun, toppling those who stand in his way while building his Barrio throne to glory, debauchery and swaggering achievement. For those not entirely sure about a DTV sequel to a film that by no means needed one, consider the addition of more t&a than you can flail your own Dirk Diggler at while the bullets fly on by.

My place now, new rules. Everybody pays – with: some deleted scenes and 2 featurettes (Carlito’s Brothers in Crime and Bringing da Hood to life).

16 tons! boom!Sleeping and your health must unite against a new common enemy with the release of The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus – The 16-Ton Megaset, which includes no less than every single episode of the beloved show, including the two Monty Python Live! sets. Now you can queue up your favorite episodes faster than ever, as the Lumberjack sketch, Ministry of Silly Walks, Elizabethan Pornography Smugglers, Kamikaze Scotsman, Most Awful Family in Britain and Nudge, Nudge (among thousands of other exemplary bits of comedic fried gold) all compete for your precious time and a bit of the old laughter from the brain. And because Monty Python is a global institution, discovered by all young males when the time is right (either passed down to you by your old man or your friends and if you didn’t have any, the local video store non-bather), more in-depth discussion will merely get in your way stacked up against all of these digital nougats. Watch out, though, because the BBC might interrupt to annoy you and make things irritable.

"Your bloody pusillanimous behavior makes me vomit!" – with: Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus: German Episode #1, Pythonisms Glossary, the feature: Meet the Chaps, Gillianimations, an art gallery, Troupe Career Highlights, a trivial quest, some useless tidbits, Post-Python Troupe Highlights, Pythonisms, the Bleeding Critics and some Confusing Musings, all spread out over 16 discs of madcap fun.

This week also is notable for the we will rock you Extended Edition of A Knight’s Tale (read Devin’s wrinkly assed DVD review of the last DVD edition here), Andy Garcia takes up the paintbrush as famed bohemian Italian expressionist Modigliani, the all-singing all-dancing Olivier! arrives just in time to beat Polanski’s expanded roll-out, Jessica Sharzer’s Speak is finally seeing the light of home video day and Ice Queen finally arrives for the four of you out there anticipating such a thing. Also, for those anticipating rockin’ the mullet with Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, please leave. Seriously.

rock youartistesilver hawkeye
please sir, more!bananna? spelling?speak!
burrthawks!please save yourselves as our culture is f'ed

Making snow clear again

This week brings another thousand or so television shows. Some beloved, like Chico and the Man, some ignored, like Star Trek: Enterprise (Trip lives!) and some are even being released by the truckload in Television Favorites Packaging, meaning that you’re not getting the full season, but rather selected episodes. Disappointment.

chico! the man!L&O SVU S2trip, does he live?
amazingly crappyF bombfiles of xxx

Feel like Jodie Foster in ‘The Accused

party like its your momA movie everyone and their mother liked (and went to see), Wedding Crashers (read Devin’s "this movie doesn’t pander, and it’s nice" review), destroys the bridesmaids all over again on 1.03.06, which is a fucking long way away, man. You don’t necessarily have to agree with me, but I didn’t think this film was all that special, considering the amount of comedic greatness associated with several of the films stars (including the seemingly immortal Walken). In fact, I found the film to be rather stagnant towards the end, and I felt it was a little boring in respect to the hilarity that ensued during the beginning stages of the films development. Not to say that Wedding Crashers is terrible, ’cause it ain’t (especially the terrific chemistry between Wilson and Vaughn), but I just went in expecting pretty high results from an assortment of internets movie critiquing stars and I felt that all I got was this rather adequate t-shirt. Even as the pair made their way into each different Wedding and the female genitalia that went along with it, I just couldn’t help but wonder if I saw the same movie as the others. Perhaps not. As evidenced in the tremendous amount of buzz and the immortal word of mouth this film got, I must have been as alone as those discarded Heineken bottles stashed all over Wilson’s apartment.

Share that with the Dalai Lama, jackass! – with: audio commentary from stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and director David Dobkin, some deleted scenes, 2 featurettes (A Crash Course In Wedding Crashing and Event Planning), a Wedding Crashing game, an interactive soundtrack promo, a music video for Sights’ Circus, the teaser trailer and the theatrical trailer. The uncorked edition comes with an additional nine minutes of footage, the infamous "99 Red Balloons" scene and a test audience reaction to specific scenes, the latter being not any bit manipulative at all. Nope, not at all…

keep it cool, dudesThe rip-roaring crowd pleasing film Four Brothers (check out Devin’s "now that’s cinema, motherfuckers" review, while I misquote his remarks), out on 12.20.05, puts John Singleton back into the mainstream habit of working the room and creating a good film that hasn’t been in his repertoire for a few years now (this film is sort of an unofficial updating of Wayne’s Sons of Katie Elder). But the best parts of the film are because of Mark Wahlberg, as he flashes his smirky smile and swaggers into each and every situation with a John McClain type of chutzpah. Even if he knows he might suffer some sort of repercussion, he’s still having itchy trigger finger fun. As the brothers (who include raptor André 3000, the chiseled Tyrese and some model surely to be hated by the internet community named Garrett Hedlund) prepare for the onslaught of revenge at the hands of those who shot their mother into the netherworld, Four Brothers manages to understand that it’s about entertaining your audience, even if the screenplay happens to fall into clichéd territory every so often. This includes a scene that I rolled my eyes at, which involved a major character walking out of the snow into a dangerous situation. Granted, this film isn’t a masterpiece, it’s far from it, but to say it isn’t enjoyable would be a disservice to the fun Marky Mark and company are having on screen. It’s somewhat infectious.

Show it to the cockologist in the shower – with: audio commentary by Director John Singleton, 9 deleted scenes, 5 behind-the-scenes and making-of featurettes and some theatrical trailers.

If pictures speak a thousand more spectacular words than I could ever come up with, consider this yet another onslaught of titles that’ll make your C&C Music Factory go hmmmm. This week sees the Muppets go back to DVD land all over again, in respective reissues just in time for the holidays (11.29.05) for the express purpose of plundering your weekly paycheck.

muppet movie!muppet caper!
muppet x-mas!muppet steveson!

I like my Region Free like I like my …

Bank account. Poor and inexpensive as shit.

atomik circusThe brothers Poiraud, graphic artists in their native France (that should put some of you hoighty-toighty conservatives off immediately), bring you the escapades of James Bataille, lover, fighter, motorcycle driver. He’s also a convicted felon serving a 133-year prison sentence, so in your face expectations! Flash back, to before his misfortunes, where the younger Bataille is in love with the stunning Concia (played by Vanessa Paradis) and attempts to stage a Knevil like stunt to impress her. As it turns out, the stunt fails to ignite her world, and the resulting catastrophe lands him behind bars for quite longer than his boner will work. It’s when he promptly breaks out that he’s forced to – and this is where it starts to get weird to me – make an appointment to fix the car of a local music impresario. Except that instead, Bataille, along with Concia, now is thrown into a local circus act complete with "tough competition from a very unusal dog act." See what I mean? Rest assured though, Atomik Circus is largely considered a terrific fantasy, complete with elements that will wow you before haunting your dreams with its repercussions. I think.

Open the pod bay doors – with: English subtitles. This is a Region 3 PAL release.

pretty poisonAnthony "Psycho" Perkins and Tuesday "Wednesday" Weld star in the cult classic Pretty Poison, which had a lot of older men’s hearts a flutter with her portrayals of sex kittens gone bad, one who fully understood which man buttons to press to get the right reaction. Almost like your ex-girlfriend, except without Billy Idol’s devil inside. Perkins is staying true to his roots, playing a psychotic laidback ‘mind on his money, money on his mind’ type of dude, just released from prison. It’s when he’s out that he meets straight-A student Weld and begins filling her head with the ideas that he’s actually a secret agent and that she needs to come along on his adventures. First stop? Exploding a bullet hole in her mother’s life, just like she needs to do! This black comedy proceeds to escalate into a series of incredible misfortunes ultimately ending in a dirtiest con of all – who is manipulating whom? Every one has their own psychological issues to deal with and I like to get mine out while writing this stream of consciousness thing.

When grown ups do it, it’s kinda dirty – with: audio commentary from director Noel Black and film historian Robert Fischer, a deleted scene with audio commentary and a picture gallery. This is a Region 2 PAL release.

Where did I put the old DVD reviews?

Like your house keys, it’s all right here. I’m just coming in when you’re not home and rearranging the place so that it’s a little better off than before. Thanks. Oh, and don’t mind that Milfhunter Cam. That wasn’t me.

9/20: Mindhunters (Wade’s DVD review), The Longest Yard (2005), Inside
Deep Throat
(CHUD’s DVD review is coming soon!),
Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D (CHUD’s DVD review is coming soon!), No
Direction Home: Bob Dylan
(please purchase this DVD from CHUD here
and read Devin’s THUD review), Desperate Housewives – Season One
Devin’s DVD review is coming soon!), Mallrats: 10th Anniversary Edition, Carlito’s
Way: Ultimate Edition
, The Outsiders: The Complete Novel
(Thor’s DVD review), Over the Edge (
Bill’s DVD review), Brothers, Dolls, Pumpkinhead
, Don’t be a Menace to South Central while Drinking your Juice in the
Hood: Unrated
(Thor’s DVD Rack review), Born
into Brothels
, James Dean: Forever Young, Masculine
Feminin: Criterion
, An Angel at my Table: Criterion and Naked:
. Check out last weeks Special Edition by telling your friends
you could do better.

9/13: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Fever
, Rock School, Empire Falls, Palindromes, Rumble
(CHUD’s DVD review is forthcoming!), Palm Pictures Director’s Series –
Volume 2
(Work of Mark Romanek, Work of Jonathan Glazer, Work
of Stephanie Sednouai
and Work of Anton Corbjin), Ben-Hur:
4 Disc Collector’s Edition
(Ian’s massive DVD review), Da Ali G Show: Seazon Two, Twin
, Winter Solstice, Alone in the Dark: CE, Man
Who Fell to Earth: Criterion
, Bad Timing: Criterion, Las
Vegas: Season Two
CHUD’s DVD review is forthcoming!), One
Tree Hill: Season Two
(Ian’s DVD review) and Nobody
. Access the pruning, yet grandiose two week old Special Edition right here.

Burning a hole in your pants.

Extra money is always good, especially if you’re out looking to score. So brush aside that transsexual hooker you wanted to shack up with, and make sure to click on the provided Cover Art above to help out CHUD in the process. Then, come back down here and scan the bargains at your most mainstream of local stores. Additionally, if you happen to stumble across some deals of your own, from the mountains to even the valleys white with your human foam – e-mail me!

Browse the multi-region DVD retailers and their sales right here! (click on the store name to get suckered into the unemployment line),,, DDDHouse and
Lords of Dogtown is $21.54
Robots is $16.14
Evil Dead II: Book of the Dead is $19.19
Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin is $18.86
Creature Comforts: Season One is $13.91
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season Three is $34.87
Oliver! is $13.91
Gilmore Girls: Season Four is $38.89
A Knight’s Tale: Extended Edition is $13.91
Carlito’s Way 2: Rise to Power is $20.48
Silver Hawk is $20.40
Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three is $90.89
Monty Python’s 16-Ton Megaset is $138.00
Seinfeld: Season Five is $29.87
Seinfeld: Season Four is $29.87
Halloween Four: Limited Edition is $11.99
Save 52% on selected Anchor Bay Horror Titles (like Halloween 5, Dead & Breakfast, Day of the Dead, House and House 2, Wicker Man: CE, Bad Taste, Near Dark, Creepshow 2, Suspiria: LE, plus many more, so click here!)
Lords of Dogtown is $14.99
Robots is $14.99

Lords of Dogtown is $19.88
Robots is $15.87
Modigliani is $19.88
Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin is $15.87
Creature Comforts: Season One is $13.72
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season Three is $33.88
Speak is $19.88
Oliver! is $13.72
Gilmore Girls: Season Four is $38.88
Carlito’s Way 2: Rise to Power is $19.88
Silver Hawk is $23.78
Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three is $94.38
Amazing Race: Season One is $24.38
Lords of Dogtown is $20.27
Robots is $15.98 (+ get a FREE bonus disc with games)
Modigliani is $16.99
Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin is $19.99
Creature Comforts: Season One is $13.96
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season Three is $34.99
Speak is $20.24
Gilmore Girls: Season Four is $39.99
Carlito’s Way 2: Rise to Power is $19.99
Silver Hawk is $25.18
Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three is $90.99
Monty Python’s 16-Ton Megaset is $139.97

Circuit City:
Lords of Dogtown is $17.99
Robots is $14.99
Modigliani is $27.00
Evil Dead II: Book of the Dead is $34.99
Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin is $14.99 (+ get a FREE disc featuring episodes of American Dad, Arrested Development and shudder, Stacked)
Creature Comforts: Season One is $15.99
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season Three is $39.99
Speak is $27.01
Oliver! is $15.99
Gilmore Girls: Season Four is $49.99
Carlito’s Way 2: Rise to Power is $17.99
Silver Hawk is $19.99
Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three is $129.98
Monty Python’s 16-Ton Megaset is $199.95 (too high!)
Britney and Kevin: Chaotic costs $12.99 + your soul
A 2/$20 SALE, involving: The Godfather, The Godfather 2,
The Godfather 3, Tombstone, Chris Rock, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Snatch, Stripes,
LA Confidential, Last Samurai, Chronicles of Riddick, Seed of Chucky, Saw,
Hero, The Color Purple, A Man Apart, Clockwork Orange, Gone with the Wind

(non SE), Full Metal Jacket, Sweet Home Alabama, Superman, The Crow, Dave
Chapelle, T2, Equilibrium, Gone in 60 Seconds DC, Wizard of Oz
Two Oz SE’s coming on 10.25), Silverado, Interview with a Vampire, Dirty
and The Green Mile

Best Buy:
Lords of Dogtown is $19.99
Robots is $15.99
Modigliani is $17.99
Evil Dead II: Book of the Dead is $26.99 (or 2 for $30 with Evil Dead)
Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin is $17.99
Creature Comforts: Season One is $14.99
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season Three is $44.99
Speak is $24.99
Oliver! is $14.99
Gilmore Girls: Season Four is $39.99
A Knight’s Tale: Extended Edition is $14.99
Carlito’s Way 2: Rise to Power is $16.99
Silver Hawk is $24.99
Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three is $99.99
Britney and Kevin: Chaotic costs $12.99 + eternal damnation
Monty Python’s 16-Ton Megaset is $109.99

I make the illogical logical.

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